Nifty License

Help define what ownership means in blockchain.

Introducing the Nifty License

We recently released the Nifty License to help define the rights of both owners of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well as artists and creators working with NFTs. The Nifty License is designed to balance two concerns: protecting the hard work and ingenuity of creators while granting users the freedom and flexibility to fully enjoy their non-fungible tokens. Any cryptocollectibles project can use it.

Extensibility and collaboration are exciting and powerful aspects of decentralization. The Nifty License empowers both, so creators can make their assets smarter and communities can shape their own experiences.

The Nifty License is just the beginning of a vital long-term conversation about what it means to own non-fungible tokens. We hope the community will use it as a starting point to come together and shape the future of NFT ownership. It’s a work in progress, and we’re eager for feedback on improving it.

What the License means

The Nifty License enables users to bring the art associated with their NFTs into games, tools, and experiences built on top of established platforms. You always own your NFTs; we designed this license to help you do more with their art.

Any cryptocollectibles project can use the Nifty License to empower independent projects in pursuit of a thriving, sustainable developer ecosystem.

For NFT owners:

  • The Nifty License gives you (the token owner) control over where your digital asset can live
  • Prohibits other parties profiting from the art of your NFT
  • Makes it safe to bring your NFT into new experiences without risk of it being misused
  • Ensures that any dapp that issues NFTs and adopts the Nifty License grants you (the owner) full ownership of the asset
  • Any dapp or cryptocollectible project can use this license, ensuring ownership rights are the same across the entire network

For NFT creators:

  • The Nifty License gives token holders strong rights over accessing, sharing, and the personal use of copyrighted works associated with the relevant NFT
  • Gives control over the commercial use of the artist’s copyright even by token holders
  • Enables dapp creators to incorporate the copyrighted work of users’ NFTs into their projects while respecting your copyright, reinforcing the importance of token ownership

For service providers:

  • Tap into an existing community: building a product for existing NFTs means a built-in base of players who will try your game
  • Build with confidence and use original artwork – Nifty allows you complete access to a user’s license as long as you verify that they own the token
  • We don’t have all the answers, so if you have suggestions please share them with us here

Why does all this matter?

Traditionally artists and creators have had two options. They could either open source their work and relinquish all rights to it, or they could copyright it, locking down their rights but severely restricting its reach. The Nifty License offers a more practical middle ground.

We hope the Nifty License provides a framework for blockchain developers to establish sustainable businesses and offer them a secure path to monetization, much like the App Store did for early third-party developers. By abiding by the guidelines of the License, cryptocollectible projects are free to leverage the artwork associated with NFTs.

We don’t know exactly what the future looks like, but we know everyone should have a say in it. The Nifty License is a first step in determining what it will mean to own digital assets in the years ahead. We hope it will help spark new ideas, new businesses, and new ways of thinking.